Purging Personalities

Originally posted on Medium.

I’ve purged myself,

maybe six times over.

I expel every piece of me

that I do not like.

Cannot like.

Will not like.

Re-configuring it all from the inside out.

Starting with my very core,

my very guts,

working my way outward slowly.

And I’ll be a whole new person,

another new person,

and the difference won’t appear clearly.

Except a place on my skin.

Occasionally in my hair.

Often on my lips.

Contentment grows,

it’s seed planted deep within me,

and I no longer feel the need to purge.

Contentment grows to love,

for myself.

For life.

For you.

And of all the versions of me,

the one’s created and purged,

only to be reconstructed-

I believe the best,

will always be the me

that I am

with you.


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